jueves, 17 de enero de 2008

Esta es la última actualización que ha dejado en su MySpace Michael Sweet , entre otras cosas nos habla de la mejoría que esta experimentando su esposa aquejada de un cáncer de ovario. La broma de que ahora igual se le da por ser Papa Noel es antológica, pero vamos al grano.

El nuevo disco de Stryper parece que avanza, en estos momentos esta preparando sus partes vocales y pretenden empezar las mezclas en la primera semana de febrero. No nos confirma nada aun, pero piensa que el disco será lanzado en julio o agosto de este mismo año, al que segirá además una nueva gira... Y por supuesto será el mejor disco de Stryper y todo lo que sus fans esperan.

"I took some time off during the holidays to spend time with [wife] Kyle, [and children] Michael and Ellena. It was long overdue and something that I needed to do — do nothing. I grew a beard down to my feet, gained 100 pounds from all the fruitcake, cookies and goodies and recently purchased a red and white suit.....uhm, maybe I have another calling???

"Okay, all kidding aside, Kyle [who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year] is feeling a little better these days. She started a new (third) treatment and she seems to have less side effects from this treatment. Her numbers went way up and then dropped by two thirds a few weeks later. They are still way above the safe range but again she's tolerating this drug a bit better. We'll certainly keep all of you updated as we receive new information. We go to Boston every two weeks for blood work and checkups. Again, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. We are forever grateful.

"As far as the new STRYPER record goes — I'm still tracking vocals in my studio and we plan to start mixing by the first week in February. We should be finshed mixing by the end of February and then we'll master, do a photo shoot and then the rest will be up to artwork department at Big3 to put it all together and package it. I'm not confirming anything but I'd say it should be out July or August and, of course, a tour will follow later in the year. I know that some of you were expecting a release sooner but things have transpired that are out of our control and I can assure you that it will be worth the wait. The record sounds amazing and it will have everything that you've always wanted a STRYPER record to have — melodies, guitar solos, stacked vocal harmonies and screams. Sonically, it's our best to date. It's a very edgy record yet at the same time it retains its melodic sense."


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