martes, 15 de enero de 2008

House Of Lords - Come To My Kingdom

Frontiers Records ha anunciado los detalles que rodean el próximo álbum de House Of Lords, "Come To My Kingdom", que será lanzado el 14 de marzo. Escrito en el verano de 2007, el álbum fue grabado en el otoño y mezclado por Dennis Ward, en noviembre / diciembre.

With the help of the “Fifth Lord” Jeff Kent plus Tommy Denander and Chris Pelcer, the band's songwriting
talents of James Christian, BJ Zampa and Jimi Bell have been flourishing to reach some of the highest
levels in the band’s career ever.
Written during the summer 2007, the album was recorded in the fall and mixed by Dennis Ward
in November / December. The result is truly outstanding. From the signature intro of “Purgatorio Overtoure n.2”
to the epic atmospheres of the title track through to soaring melodic
numbers like “I Need To Fly” to the in-your-face attack of
“One Foot in the Dark” and to the baroque ballad “Another Day From Heaven”, this record has
truly everything the fans may want to ask to James Christian and his cohorts.

Lista de temas:
01. Purgatorio Overtoure n.2
02. Come To My Kingdom
03. I Need To Fly
04. I Don't Wanna Wait All Night
05. Another Day From Heaven
06. In A Perfect World
07. The Dream
08. One Foot In The Dark
09. Your Every Move
10. I Believe
11. One Touch
12. Even Love Can Save Us
13. In The Light
14. Another Day From Heaven (Versión Acústica) *

* Bonus exclusivo para Europa

Podéis escuchar algunos de los temas >>> aquí

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