martes, 15 de abril de 2008

Elvenking nuevo álbum acústico

Que manía con lo de los discos acústicos, pues eso es lo que Elvenking nos anuncia en su web, un acústico entre medias de otro "normal".

A message from the band about present and future projects:

"Hello everybody!

It's been a while since the release of our last album "The Scythe", which moved a whirlwind of different reactions on the metal crowd (thing that we love so much :P) and is growing as a great success for this band.

Now we'd like to announce that Elvenking are working on a brand new exciting project. The next release from EK will be another great challenge, something that once again will create curiosity: a totally acoustic album.

So no hard riffing and headbanging amount of metallic mayhem this time, but softer, romantic but still strong and emotional rhymes in music. We can consider this as an experiment, something that shows once again how much this band needs everytime new paths to follow and to express itself and its musical ideas.

If someone thinks that this decision may come as a reaction to "The Scythe" album we can say that we are working on this idea since a lot of time and that is also why "The Scythe" contains a lot of heavy material and less folky stuff for example. The concept of that album didn't allow us to use some of the softer and easier melodies we are also used to, and there they will come to life.

The acoustic album will contain a lot of new songs and different approaches to the non-electric side of the band but also some older songs revisited in a totally new version. So be ready for something different, hoping you can appreciate also this side of the bans, that by the way you already know well for episodes like Skywards, On the Morning Dew, Disillusion's Reel, Totentanz, Hobs an' Feathers, Loser's Ball, ...just to name a few.

While we are working on this new project though, we are also songwriting for the next "standard" electric Elvenking album, choosing which ideas can be represented at best in acoustic or heavy form. This just to let you know that we are simultaneously working on the two things so you can consider the acoustic album as an intermezzo before the new Elvenking electric album

We have no release dates ideas for them yet, but in the meantime we'd love to invite you to visit us on stage for the next gigs and to share a beer with us!

May the winds blow fair at your backs!!

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