viernes, 9 de mayo de 2008

Gaia Epicus dos álbumes gratis

Gaia Epicus ha puesto en descarga directa en su web sus dos primeros álbumes. Si no los conoces es tu oportunidad de bajar dos buenos disco de Power Metal melódico.

Enlaces para descargar:

Satrap (2003) - Symphony of glory (2005)

PS: To everyone that downloads these albums! we hope that you will enjoy our music and that you will support us by buying our albums, past ones and the ones to come in the future. If you don't like the albums you have downloaded then just delete it... If you are one of those who never buys any albums but only download them, then remember that you are making it harder for the bands you love to continue making new albums for your listening pleasure. Keep the metal alive, buy cd's !!!


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