viernes, 8 de agosto de 2008

¿El futuro de la industria?

La banda australiana Berzerker ha lanzado un video clip (ver más abajo) que contiene instrucciones sobre cómo comprar el quinto álbum de la banda titulado "The Reawakening" y que estará solo disponible a través de la web del grupo y su propia compañía "Berzerker Industries".

Otros cansados de recibir tan solo el 3,3% de los ingresos por las ventas de CDs. Parece que las descargas no son el único problema de un tipo de negocio que ya no esta acorde a los tiempos y en el que sobra mucha gente que se lo lleva crudo.

"The Reawakening" track listing:
01. Spare Parts
02. Internal Examination
03. Caught In The Crossfire
04. Harvesting A Loved One
05. The Deception
06. Your Final Seconds
07. The Evolution Of Aggression
08. Unforgotten Force
09. Disassembly Line
10. Wisdom And Corruption
THE BERZERKER has taken a page out of Steve Albini's (NIRVANA producer) book and listed a breakdown of what a band actually gets paid for a CD sale. This was done because THE BERZERKER has fulfilled its contract with Earache Records and left the label to be "truly" independent. The new album is not even available in ANY retail stores.

Mainman Luke Kenny had this to say: "I'm fucking sick to death of fans NOT knowing where there money is going when they buy a CD, Steve (Albini) has the right idea, to expose this shit once and for all. I mean, a percentage of your money is going to the fucking retarded bitch sitting behind the counter at the HMV/Tower, [or] wherever she is, on the phone painting her fucking nails and couldn't even tell you where the 'metal section' is if you asked her. So what if we sell less records being totally independent? At least NOW with Berzerker Industries, if people want to support us by NOT downloading our music, they can."

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